Bar Capping For A Greenhouse.

The best way to strengthen your greenhouse glazing is to add bar capping which provides a stronger hold and will help prevent your glazing from falling out in extreme windy weather. The capping is simply screwed into place and is used along with glazing clips for double protection making this an ideal addition to any greenhouse if you live in an coastal or exposed area. By adding bar capping to your greenhouses it is not only functional as the rubber fin will give you a better water tight seal between the glass and frame of your greenhouse it also add a wonderful decorative finish. Many manufacturers of greenhouses offer this bar capping in a range of colors with color coded screws to match the color of your greenhouse for a top quality finish. It is not recommended to use this bar capping with overlapping glass like that of a horticultural glass green house only on full length glazing sheets which you will get with a toughened glass or polycarbonate green houses.

Elite-Belmont-with-bar-cappingElite Greenhouses Bar Capping.

Elite Belmont with Bar Capping.

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