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Garden offices can provide a quieter working place.

Over the past few years there has been increase in working from home not only because it cuts down on cost it is helping many people spend more time with there family, as this extra time is usually travelling to and … Continue reading

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A Log Cabin.

With the limited space in today’s homes and the large expense of moving along with the fees and costs many people are choosing to buy a log cabin to go in there gardens. These log cabins will give them an … Continue reading

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No room for a greenhouse why not have a cold frame.

Sometime having a greenhouse would not be a practical idea because you have limited space in your garden but there is a solution to this problem which would provide the same benefits as growing plants in a greenhouse  and it is to … Continue reading

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Wood greenhouses

If you are looking for a traditional greenhouse for your garden then a lovely wooden cedar greenhouses blends into any natural surroundings made from a sturdy cedar wood, these greenhouses have a natural oil. This oil not only helps protect … Continue reading

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Log house living.

For many years the people in Scandinavians and North Americans countries have been living in Log Houses this is not because wood is a still a very popular building material in these regions but that it has many excellent insulating properties when it comes to … Continue reading

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Looking for a strong greenhouse ?

For a strong and robust greenhouse which is ideal for coastal areas and can withstand harsh weather conditions a robinsons greenhouses is the ideal choice, with many different sizes and shapes these greenhouse would suit any gardener from the enthusiastic amateur to … Continue reading

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Bon-fire Kitchen

The Bon-fire kitchen is a fully equipped mobile kitchen with accessories including stew pots, pans, grill grids and pancake pans which go over an open fire. Now you can cook all kinds of food in the outdoors over an open fire … Continue reading

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