Cocoon Fire Tables

During the warmer months the air can turn slightly chilly in the evening and when you are having an outdoor party or just relaxing in the garden watching the sunset, it is a shame to have to go inside due to the chill in the air, having a fire table can provided the warmth need to stay outside and provides a cozyness without having a chimney in the way. The cocoon table in a teak finish has a very luxury Finnish and would make a great talking point.

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Bbq Tools

The Charcoal Companion range is a line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers, and specialty grilling accessories these are designed to meet every outdoor and even indoor cooking need.

From potato people which help cook you jacket’s and have a quirky design that kids will love to grill presses that helps to put impressive grill marks on your food not only do they make barbequing much easier they add an element of fun.

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A Mobile Kitchen

The Bon-fire kitchen combines the cosiness of a fire with all the best from a barbecue with no complicated techniques the  Bon-fire allows you to create bbq food in a new and exciting way this open fire cooking can be done at home in your garden, on the beach, well, anywhere and at anytime of the year all you need is an open fire.

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The Mobile Bon-fire Kitchen is for the whole family – an easy and delicious way of cooking.

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A great garden building is a Summerhouse these buildings have a simple and quick erection process, with many uses from a storage building to a home garden office or even just some where to rest and relax and many styles and sizes to choose from. Many log cabin summer house suppliers offering a bespoke service and can alter the building so it is better suited to your requirements

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Ventilation for greenhouses

In a greenhouse ventilation is very important for temperature and humidity control as it allows the stale air to leave and be replaced by fresh air, one way to do this is to use an automatic vent opener by using this efficient way to control the opening and closing of your greenhouse vents is much easier than doing it manually.


They work by using the weather temperature to control the automatic vent opener, the cylinder of wax drives a piston which will expand or contract depending on what the temperature is.

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Buying a Garage?

When you are thinking of buying a garage and with so many companies out there that it can be a bit daunting, one of the best thing to do is write down exactly what you want the size, what type of roof (Pent or Apex), what sort of door you will need, the window and where your would like it to be positioned and any extras added to the garage for example a rear door or the type of roofing tiles.
These garage accessories may add extra costs to the garage that you are looking for so it is best to have everything written down so you know exactly what the final price will be.
Once you know what you want then shop around for your garage as each company will offer different sizes and class of garage so when it comes to prices if it looks to good to be true then in many cases it is and the quality you will receive will be very poor this means that your new garage may be prone to many problems later on.


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Preserving your wood


The Osmo range is not produced for sale on the mass market this means they have much more time ensuring all there products are of the highest quality with top of the range wood finishes.
With products for interior or exterior use from the popular Polyx-Oil to wood cleaning products they are a wood product specialist.
The aim of Osmo is to be environmentally friendly and ecologically sound which is reflected in there products.
Osmo’s protective oils and lacquers made by the company are virtually solvent free and contain quality organic ingredients such as linseed oil, candelilla wax and thistle oil.


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